Wednesday, 1 April 2015


So Trevor Noah was in town last night for his first show in Oman.

It seems like booking a gig here is a good omen for a lot of artists, after all Ed Sheeran won a whole bunch of awards just before his show, and Noah was announced the new host of America's The Daily Show.

Me and the hubby actually only discovered him a couple of months ago. We were watching an episode of Live at the Apollo and he had a short slot: after that we were hooked.

The venue for the show was Al Bustan's Oman Auditorium, which was perfect: lots of comfortable seating and just enough people to keep it feeling intimate.

We arrived soon after the doors opened and since it was free seating decided we would sit up front, three rows from the front in fact -- in perfect range for questioning it turns out.

I think comedy is a really hard job: fulling people's expectation to laugh, staying on the right side of the line between funny and insulting. Noah is great at this, I wasn't sure how he would deal in a Middle Eastern setting, how he would adapt his show, but he did brilliantly. That said, he isn't rude and generally keeps is clean anyway. His comedy is observational, which meant that a lot of the material was original, and the main themes tend to be racial identity and culture. He seems to be very insightful, as well as observant, which only makes the jokes he makes about men, women and relationships, in particular, that much funnier.

As I mentioned, he did adapt the show to the audience, touching on his brief observations of Oman and the Middle East, while uniting the diverse audience. I would love to think of myself as talented enough to recount one of his tales here, but I'm not so I'll leave you with a link of Live at the Apollo to enjoy instead.

Another great memory for the Oman scrapbook. Thanks Trevor!