Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Life lately: The big slowdown

Well, you can tell summer has set in and Ramadan is coming, no adventures so no new posts for over a week! Oman has a big slowdown in the summer, people start leaving for the holidays and all the clubs and societies have had their last events. Things won't pick up again until September. In preparation I have been doing very little; an ease into the boredom if you will.

I did manage to sneak my scuba diving certification completion in this week. Honestly, it is the best thing I have done since I have been here -- extremely scary at times -- but it has made me much more positive about Oman.  With fasting, and then a trip back home for a few weeks, the earliest I will get back in the water again is August, after that the plan is to go out at least once a month. I will probably purchase a camera to start taking pictures underwater, so expect to be bombarded with the best ones on here and on my Facebook and Instagram and probably Twitter too!

Yes, I have booked a trip back home: I am so excited. It was a huge faff at work sorting out the leave and finance misinformed me about the conditions of my flights refund (should I be surprised?) But I'm not letting that bother me, I'll be home for three weeks and I already have a lot of plans. Lots of dinners and lunches with friends and family, a bread baking course, Go Ape with my cousins, the Prudential London Bike Ride, and maybe I'll squeeze in a little bit of shopping too. I also want to catch the Audrey Hepburn exhibition if I can or maybe just head to the British museum. Either way, I don't expect to be sitting indoors at all. I know that this blog is meant to be about life outside the M25, but I'll still share a few of these things. I'm also thinking of doing a post about my top non-touristy things to do in London, or unconventional ways of being a tourist. Let me know if that sounds interesting.

In the mean time, I will continue doing very little. I've picked up two new hobbies. The first being colouring. I am a sucker for anything "on-trend" and adult colouring books seem to be the thing right now. I picked one up while in Dubai and the timing seemed just right, I've been coming home most evenings annoyed by something or another at work and taking time to doing something that requires zero thought completely relaxes me. I also started crocheting, this requires a little more thought, and actually spending half an hour doing the wrong stitch the other night only gave me something different to be annoyed about. At the moment I am on the way the producing a very nice chain, if it becomes anything vaguely interesting, or even useful, I will let you know.

Let me know your plans for Ramadan and the summer in Oman. Are there any adventures to be had?And what do you do to keep yourself entertained?