Sunday, 16 August 2015

Life Lately: Home Sweet Home Part II

I'm back! Admittedly, this post is up much later than intended because I was a little grumpy earlier this week: a combination of the holiday blues and the fact that it was still ridiculously hot. This weekend seems to be the sign that winter is coming, and I say, roll on!

I thought I would share some the highlights of my trip, before jumping back into life here in Oman, so here goes.

Bread baking at the E5 Bakehouse
I've mentioned before that I miss real bread, so my dad treated me to a baking course at the E5 Bakehouse. They are purists when it comes to bread, and they keep it all very simple based on the principles that all you need is flour, water, and salt. I currently have my sourdough starter brewing and, if it does what it is supposed to, and I can make my own bread here, who knows, I might start a bakery....or at least share the recipe.

Prudential Ride London
What a fantastic day out this was. The weather was perfect; warm, but with a breeze. The roads in and around the city were closed off for cyclists only to enjoy. I understand it was a complete pain for drivers, but while I have always enjoyed walking around central London (and I have done the night marathon in the past) it was nice to see the place from a different angle and get back on a bike again! The organisation of the event was excellent, plenty of pit stops to rest, grab a drink, or get your bike repaired, as well as entertainment too. I'm hoping I will be back in town again next year to do it again.

Wings and a view
My cousin turned 18 earlier in the year and as part of belated birthday celebrations we took him for his first night out. We started on Brick Lane with Sticky Wings, an unusual choice of restaurant for an area known for curry, but they were amazing. I had the buffalo wings style with a ranch dressing. We then made our way to Madison Roof Garden, which has a fantastic view over the city. Again the weather was just right for spending outside.

Cheap eats
You can probably tell by now, I really liked eating this trip. Another standout meal was at Flat Iron, where you get the most tender steak I have ever had and all for the grand total of £10 (that's about 6OMR). They also had a unique knife to use, a mini cleaver, and I am someone who loves those quirky touches.

The Woman in Black
This play has been on my to-see list for a while, and it was fantastic. I don't want to give away anything about the story, all I knew before seeing it was that it was a ghost story and an old-fashioned one at that. The atmosphere was set in the theatre perfectly, and what was most impressive is that the cast was just two.

As much as I love and miss London, I am looking forward to winter in Oman: getting the BBQ out again, road trips, and just being able to be outside. Let me know what your favourite thing about winter in Oman is.