About Me

Circling London is a 117 mile stretch of motorway, some people describe it as the road to hell, others as one big car park, either way, chances are, if you want to get in or out of the city you are going to have to at least cross it.
 I spent most of my life living within that circle and I’ve heard it said that  Londoners do not think the world exists outside of the M25, and for me to a large extent that was true. But, after being in a long distance relationship for too long I decided to join my now husband living in Oman: a country I hadn't heard of before he got a job here. 
So having spent much of my life in the confines of the M25 I am now living and working in the capital city Muscat and plan to share my experience as a city girl truly out of her comfort zone. 

One day I hope I will look back and remember the adventures we had here, and in the meantime I can let my family and friends know I'm doing ok. 

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