Monday, 2 March 2015

Nights out: #EdSheeranMuscat

I remember clearly driving to work listening to Hi FM when they announced that Ed Sheeran would be doing a concert in Muscat. I think I sent an email to my husband along the lines of "we're going to this". So the next day I trotted down to City Centre and picked up my tickets and safely hid them in my drawer. That was 3 months ago.

Considering the timing, now was a perfect time to see Ed, he has just picked up a string of awards and is on a high.

The venue was the Shangri-La resorts amphitheatre, which has the most beautiful location surrounded by the mountains and greenery. We arrived on the "party bus" as we called it, having booked it after the warning from Muscat Mutterings that parking might be an issue (I heard that it wasn't?) Even though it took a little longer than normal to get the Shangri-La it gave us enough time to suitably hype ourselves up.
Just as we got into the venue and started to decide where we would park ourselves for the evening, the wind started howling and the skies opened. I almost cried. I was sure the event would be cancelled. So we did our best to find shelter (we didn't) and hoped it would stop (it did).

Drenched and very cold we decided to get in amongst the crowd and feed off of each others body heat. To help warm us up Ryan Keen a new British artist started off the show, and then Ed came on stage. The show was just him and his guitars (he seemed to get through a lot!)

What struck me most about Ed was how humble he was, he knew his job was to entertain us and even though he had a few mishaps and started losing his voice he did give us a great show. I think the highlight for me was I See Fire, the song he wrote the The Hobbit movie, which is my husbands favourite and I could barely hear Ed over him singing along. He also did a great remix of one of his own songs with Iggy Azalea’s I’m So Fancy and 50 Cent’s In Da Club. Seeing things like this is the reason I love live shows.
I didn't move to Oman thinking I would be attending concerts, so I am so happy to have added this to my list of experiences here. Hopefully the success of the night, and the clear desire for more, will bring more big names to Oman

p.s My apologies for the photo qualities in the post, we used our phone and point-and-shoots on the night, although I'm glad I didn't drag my DSLR along, it would have been ruined! Credit to Ed Sheeran for the last pic!