Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Eating out: Steak Escape

Steak Escape Oman
I think I can say that I live near The Wave without too much fear for my safety. It is a great complex with shiny modern housing, shops, and a lot of places to eat. The whole place is still under development so boards appear giving you hints of what's to come, then they are taken away, tables and chairs are set up, and staff potter around inside looking like they are open, teasing you with the prospect that there is something new to try. So after a long time coming Steak Escape, the sandwich grill, finally opened and on a lazy evening we gave it a go.
The Ohio-bred franchise, is very similar to Charley's Philly Steaks, there is one across the road in fact, but Steal Escape has a more premium feel. The menu includes various grilled steak or chicken subs/burgers, which you then customise with sauces and fillings. They also do fresh salads, awesome fries, and smashed baked potatoes, which I need to go back and try.

I really like the decor, it's quite unusual to see something industry, rather than Arabian, inspired. The restaurant also features an open kitchen where you can watch your meal being prepared and customise it.

I opted for the classic Wild West BBQ cheese steak with plain fries. It was good: generally you can't go wrong with anything smothered in cheese and BBQ sauce. The fries on the other hand were awesome. Fresh, crispy, and with the skin on. I'd go back for those alone, that and the ice tea, which is slightly sweetened and refillable so I made sure I'd had my fill and was close to bursting before we left.