Thursday, 28 May 2015

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More Cafe Catering
 I was quite excited to be invited to my first Oman bloggers event. Who am I kidding, I was very, very excited because it was for my favourite breakfast/brunch venue, mOre.

I've spoken about mOre before and I always intend to grab pictures of the breakfast to blog about but end up forgetting as soon as the plates arrive.

On this occasion though, the event was to introduce the little-known catering menu, which has a range of sandwiches, salads, pastries, and other finger-foods for parties/events that you might be hosting. One idea I liked in particular, was getting mOre to provide all the side-dishes for a bigger main meal (a BBQ or something), which I could see being a good option with Ramadan coming up since no one wants to be in the kitchen for any length of time, even to make something relatively simple. The catering menu can be found on their website, here, and you can order directly through the website or at mOre itself if you prefer.

More Cafe Catering
More Cafe Catering Carrot CakeMore Cafe Catering Mini Burgers

I arrived a little shocked to see all the bloggers behind the blogs and that they were actual, real people. Once I got over that it was time for games, starting with blind food tasting. I was up against Heather from The Duncan Adventures and we were tasting the Red Bell Pepper Quiche. The aim of the game was to name as many ingredients as possible: I think I managed pastry and egg. Needless to say, I lost.

Next, we all had a chance to learn the art of coffee foam leaf making. And no that picture isn't my achievement....keep scrolling.

The final game was Food Pictionary, I think I redeemed myself here with what I thought was an excellent drawing of a cow and a tomato to depict the Beef, Tomato and Chutney Wrap. Well, someone managed to guess correctly anyway.

I'm afraid a failed a bit on the blogging front, completely distracted by the games and the chance to speak to everyone I didn't take half as many pictures as I should have. Luckily, Heather and Renee from the Style Cradle were on the ball and took some "behind the scenes photos" and if you want to know about the zombies at the event head over to FatSu

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