Thursday, 12 February 2015

Eating Out: As Sammak resturant

With three generations of family to entertain there really is only one activity option; eating. So we decided to venture a little outside of Muscat to Siffah, and a fish restaurant called As Sammak.

The drive to Siffah is a nice one, passing through mountains and villages and once you reach Siffah itself and the restaurant you won't be disappointed with the setting. The restaurant is located on the beach and you have the option of sitting outdoors under the shade of palm trees or inside the restaurant, which is open air, so that you get to enjoy your meal with a fantastic view and the gentle sound of waves lapping on the beach. It is the only restaurant in Oman so far that I have visited with such a beautiful view. The seating space is small, so I would suggest going for an early lunch/dinner if you want a spot. 

As Sammak means fishermen so it should come as no surprise that the restaurant specialises in seafood. The restaurant relies on the local fishermen for its stock, which is a fantastic idea for providing them with a livelihood, but it does mean that there is the risk of certain items on the menu being out of stock quite early on in the day.

Unfortunately, we didn't get great service on the day we visited, and nor did family of the families around us; some even left without eating because they had been waiting so long. It was clear the staff were few and overworked, but they didn't have a great attitude either, which just makes for bad moods all round.

When the food did finally arrive it was very good, we ordered the calamari and fish fillet, which to my surprise was deep fried and served on a stick. You can't go wrong with chips and having built up an appetite by then all plates were cleared. 

For five adults and two children the bill came to 80 rials (4 starters, 5 mains, 7 drinks), which I don't think is the best value for money for the food or the service.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the place will improve because the setting is hard to beat. If you have any recommendations for places to eat with a beautiful view in and around Muscat let me know.