Monday, 2 February 2015

Women's groups in Muscat

Looking back I really should have made more of an effort when I first arrived to find groups and activities to get involved in. They are a great way of meeting people and overcoming any reluctance you might have to explore alone.

There are a few women's groups in Oman that I am aware of as well as other more general interest groups. I wanted to write this post for any ladies new to Muscat and encourage you to get involved.

Women's Guild Oman
This is the group I have been the most involved with, they hold a weekly coffee morning to gather and chat, and also run a variety of different activities and clubs.Their website is a great source of information, particularly for events and deals offered by various retailers. They also send out a e-shots with deals and information on events, as well as a regular newsletter. Membership costs 10 OR a year and the membership card gets you lots of discounts at restaurants, hotels, beauticians, and various other shops. Under the WGO umbrella I have also started a book club, which I have discussed here.

Phoenix Group
A smaller women's group that I believe was a breakaway group from the WGO. They also meet for regular coffee mornings and have outings around Muscat. The group seems to have more of a focus on support, providing links to people in the know about life in Oman. They were very quick to respond to me when I contacted them. For 3 OR you get lifetime membership and a membership card which entitles you to discounts at various outlets.  They also have a regular newsletter and aim to set up groups of people interested in various activities. They don't have a website but they are on Facebook.

American Women's Group
I initially contacted the AWG because I wanted to join their bowling, and book groups, unfortunately no one replied to my emails so I never did join. This is the group I know the least about, but from what I have heard they organise trips further afield and more unique than the above two groups.  I know they also collaborated with the WGO last year for a Christmas Lunch, and have some other more unique groups such as bollywood dancing. They do have a website and despite the name they do welcome all nationalities.

All of the groups can be found on Facebook if you want to find out more:
WGO Facebook
Phoenix Group
AWG Facebook

You can also find a page for me on Facebook sharing additional pictures of my adventures and Muscat findings! 

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