Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Wrapped up at Chi, the Spa, Shangri La

chi spa building shangri la oman
Pampering myself is one of my favourite pastimes. Indulgent I know, but I'm yet to find anyone who doesn't enjoy a spa session; my husband was even converted after our honeymoon and a three-hour treat in Thailand. Sadly, I haven't pampered myself as much since moving to Oman, but when we booked a stay at the Shangri La to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and spa credit was part of the deal, guess what I was most excited about?

The spa is a short walk away from the main grounds of the hotel. When you arrive you fill out a short questionnaire and are then whisked off to the changing areas to change into a robe and slippers and take advantage of the spa facilities before your appointment.
chi spa shangril la outside
chi spa shangri la
My husband and I were then reunited for our treatment in one of the villas. My husband opted for the Phillippine Hilot massage, and my treatment of choice was the Bio-energising wrap, which is described as "a powerful treatment as it draws deeper toxins from the cells and etheric body. It deeply revitalises the skin and lymphatic system and can promote profound healing in terms of body energy".

My treatment started off with a lemongrass scrub, followed by the application of a mineral mud mask. Despite it being a scrub there was a massage element to the application. Once the mud was applied, I was covered in towels and underneath me a heated blanket started to warm up. I even had "restraints" to make sure I was snuggled in fully. While that part of the treatment was taking place the therapist gave me a face and head massage, which did the job of putting me to sleep.

I'm not sure exactly how long that portion took, I ended up doing that embarrassing thing where you wake yourself up abruptly from your own snoring. After the therapist checked I was ok, she released me and I was instructed to shower off the scrub and mud. For the final part of the treatment beeswax balm was applied to moisturise.

We both left feeling extremely relaxed and pampered and agreeing that we need to retire somewhere in the world where we can enjoy spa treatments whenever we want.

I won't discuss the cost for fear of losing the zen feeling I have reminiscing right now, although I did mention it yesterday. But, I will say this: Chi is one of literally a handful of spas in Muscat and so the basic economic concept of supply and demand is illustrated in the pricing.

If you would like to find out more about the spa, check out their website here.
Shangri la chi spa